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Welcome Alumni

recovery. celebration. hope.


The Shades Of Hope Alumni Association was formed to enhance the lives of all members through opportunities designed to develop healthy, successful and productive lifestyles in recovery from eating disorders.


Through your connection with the association, together we can support, celebrate and journey through recovery together.

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Joining the alumni association is free, anonymous and easy.  Simply click the link below to register with the site and begin communicating with our recovery network.


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In the mess we had made of our lives, there is a message. Before it wasn't clear, yet as we work and follow the steps the path becomes doable and the layers of despair begin to lift.


There is a reason to "celebrate" recovery and it's origination in our lives! Where did your journey begin? All along there was a reason to celebrate, we just couldn't see it


With HOPE we can continue to recover by simply " letting go and letting God". Honesty, Openness, Prayer and Encouragement help to keep us on track as well as working the 12 Steps.

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